Share Gmail Emails VIA A link (Complete Guide)

Unlike Google Docs and Google Drive, Gmail has no built-in link-sharing feature.

To add link-sharing to Gmail, you will need to install the “Gmail Email Links” Google Chrome extension and use it to create shareable links to any email in your inbox

How To Turn Link Sharing On Gmail

In this article, I will show you how to create shareable email links using the Gmail Email Links extension.

1 – Follow this link to the official Gmail Email Links download page.

2 – On the download page, click on the “add to chrome” button.

Install The Gmail Email Links Extension From The Chrome Store Step 2

Step 2 – Create A cloudHQ Account

1 – After installing the extension, go to your Gmail inbox. 

2 – You will then be greeted with a popup that contains information about the Gmail Email Links add-on. Within this popup, click on the “create account” button. 

Create A cloudHQ Account Step 2

3 – A new window will then open. In this window, select the Gmail account that you would like to use to create your cloudHQ account.

Create A cloudHQ Account Step 3

4 – On the next page, click on the “allow button” to complete the account registration process. 

Create A cloudHQ Account Step 4

1 – Return to your Gmail inbox and open the email that you would like to share via a link.  

2 – In the menu to the top of the email, click on the share link icon. 

Generate A Sharable Email Link Step 2

3 – The Gmail Email Link add-on will then automatically generate a link. Once the link is created, click on the “copy to clipboard” button.  

Generate A Sharable Email Link Step 3

1- Open the application that you would like to share the email. This can be WhatsApp Web, Slack, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc. Pretty much any application where you can share links. 

2 – Within that application, paste your link into the textbox and then click on the “send” button.

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