About Us

Welcome to WebTipsTech My name is Michael, and I am the founder of WebTipsTech.com.

On this blog, you will find a collection of free tutorials and guides that cover topics related to WordPress, Web Development, and other progressive web apps.

I possess a bachelor of science degree in Information technology, and I am well-versed and experienced in web development and operate a freelance web development business.

My goals for this blog are:

1. To provide content that allows you to learn something new. 

2. To provide content that helps you solve real-world problems you may encounter while creating a website or using one of the many popular web apps.

All the tutorials on WebTipsTech.com are written by me and cover issues I have encountered while working in the field. Furthermore, the solutions I provide to resolve these issues are solutions I have found and have personally used.

Finally, as a freelanced web developer, I can create a website to help you improve your online presence. Or, if you are a web development firm, I can assist with your projects. 

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy my content and please contact me at [email protected] to learn how you can work with me.