About Us

Welcome to WebTipsTech My name is Mike, and I am the founder of WebTipsTech.com. Here you’ll find a collection of free tutorials and guides that cover topics related to WordPress, Web Development, and Technology.

I may be new to writing tutorials however, I’m well versed and experienced when it comes to web development. I possess a bachelor of science degree in Information technology and I’m currently working as a web developer at a technology firm here in my area.

My main goal for this blog is to provide you with content that not only allows you to learn something new but also helps you to solve real-world problems that you may encounter while building and managing your website.

All the tutorials that you will find on WebTipsTech.com have been carefully written by me and cover issues that I have encountered while working in the field. Additionally, the solutions that are presented to resolve these issues are solutions that I have found and used on various projects.

Finally, as a full-time web developer, I am continuously learning and improving my skills so you can expect relevant and up-to-date content.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy my content.