About Us

Welcome to WebTipsTech I’m Michael, the proud owner of Baraka, a thriving web development agency. As the founder of this blog, I’m excited to share my passion for WordPress, Web Development, and progressive web apps through an array of free tutorials and guides.

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, I have honed my expertise in website development over the years. The culmination of my knowledge and experience led me to establish Baraka, where we craft elegant web solutions.

My primary objectives for this blog are twofold. Firstly, I aim to provide you with enriching content that expands your knowledge and introduces you to new concepts. Through our tutorials, you’ll discover valuable insights and gain practical skills to tackle real-world challenges encountered in website creation and the utilization of popular web apps such as Gmail.

Secondly, I strive to offer solutions to common issues I have personally encountered while working in the field. Each tutorial on WebTipsTech is meticulously crafted by me, drawing from my own experiences and the tried-and-tested remedies I have employed.

Beyond the realm of blogging, as the owner of a reputable web development agency, I possess the ability to elevate your company’s online presence. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your website or require assistance with backup projects for your web development firm, I am well-equipped to cater to your needs.

Thank you for joining me on this educational journey. I look forward to empowering you with valuable insights, practical knowledge, and solutions that will foster your growth.

I hope you enjoy my content and please contact me at [email protected] to learn how you can work with me.