How To Make Sub-Bullet Points In Google Docs

Sub-bullets can be a game-changer when it comes to organizing your content in Google Docs. They add depth and structure to your content, making it easier to convey complex ideas.

There are two main approaches to creating sub-bullets in Google Docs. The first involves using the tab key within a bulleted list, allowing you to create multiple levels of sub-bullets.

Alternatively, you can utilize the “Increase Indent” button located in the toolbar, right beside its counterpart, the “Decrease Indent” button.

How To Make Sub-Bullets Google Docs

In this comprehensive guide, We’ll explore both methods for creating and formatting sub-bullets in Google Docs, so you can choose the one that suits your workflow best.

Step 1 – Create a Bulleted List

1 – Begin by launching Google Docs and either opening an existing document or creating a new one.

Create a Bulleted List 01

2 – Position your cursor where you intend to create your bulleted list.

Create a Bulleted List 02

3 – In the toolbar, locate and click on the “Bulleted list” icon.

Create a Bulleted List 03

4 – Start by typing your first list item, and when ready, press “Enter” to generate a new line and the next bullet point.

Create a Bulleted List 04

5 – Continue adding items to your list until it is complete.

Create a Bulleted List 05

Step 2 – Add Sub-Bullets To The List 

1 – Position your cursor adjacent to the list item you intend to transform into a sub-bullet point.

2 – Use one of the following options to create a sub-bullet point:

Option 1: Tab Key

Simply press the “Tab” key on your keyboard to indent the list item and convert it into a sub-bullet point.

Tab Key Option

Option 2: Toolbar Shortcut

Click on the “Increase Indent” icon located in the toolbar.

Add Sub-Bullets To The List Option 2

Option 3: Keyboard Shortcuts

For Mac users, press “cmd + right square bracket” (⌘ + ]).

cmd right square bracket

For Windows users, press “ctrl + right square bracket” (Ctrl + ]).

ctrl right square bracket

Step 3 – Customize Your Sub-Bullet Points

When it comes to customizing your sub-bullet points, you’ve got two options at your disposal. You can either select a predefined character set or you can use custom symbols through the special character feature.

Option 1: Using a Predefined Character Set

1 – Position your cursor at any item in the list.

2 – Navigate to the toolbar and click on the “Bullet list menu” button.

Using a Defined Character Set 02

3 – Within the available options, select the list style that best suits your needs.

Using a Defined Character Set 03

Option 2: Using Custom Bullet Symbols

1 – Click on the specific bullet point you wish to customize.

Using Custom Bullet Symbols 01

2 – Once it’s selected, navigate to the “Insert” menu item.

Using Custom Bullet Symbols 02

3 – In the drop-down menu, locate and click on “Special Characters.”

Using Custom Bullet Symbols 03

4 – In the “Insert Special Character” window, search for a symbol that you want to use.

Using Custom Bullet Symbols 04

5 – Click on the symbol to insert it as your sub-bullet point.

Using Custom Bullet Symbols 05

Step 4 – Format Your Bulleted List 

1 – Highlight the items in your list by clicking and moving your mouse pointer over the list of items you wish to format. 

Format Your Bulleted List 01

2 – Use the formatting tools available in the toolbar to adjust the font, font size, and font color, and even apply styles like bold or italics.

Format Your Bulleted List 02

These formatting options allow you to make your sub-bullets and bullet points truly distinctive and visually appealing, ensuring your content not only conveys information effectively but also captures your audience’s attention.

In Closing

Making sub-bullets in Google Docs is a simple and effective way to organize your documents and make them more readable. Whether you need to create a hierarchical list or just want to add more structure to your document, sub-bullets can help you achieve your goal.

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