hide comments in Google Docs (Complete Guide)

Collaborative work often involves receiving valuable feedback and comments from peers or colleagues, but sometimes, these comments can clutter your document and hinder your focus on the core content.

Fortunately, Google Docs offers effective solutions for managing this issue.

One way to hide comments is by changing the view mode. By switching to the “Viewing” mode, you can hide all comments in the document.

This mode is ideal for reading and reviewing documents without any distractions. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to edit or make any changes in this mode.

Another way to hide comments is by disabling the “Show Comments” option. This option is available in the “View” dropdown menu, and it allows you to toggle comments on and off.

When you turn off this option, all comments will disappear from the document. This method is useful if you want to hide comments temporarily and bring them back later.

Hide Comments In Google Docs

In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to effectively employ both of these methods, allowing you to seamlessly manage comments in your Google Docs.

Hiding Individual Comments

1 – Hover your mouse over the comment that you would like to hide.

Hiding Individual Comments 01

2 – Click on the “check” icon to resolve the comment

Hiding Individual Comments 02

3 – The comment will now be concealed from immediate view, though you can access it at any time by simply clicking the “Comments” icon in the toolbar.

Hiding Individual Comments 03

4 – Repeat this process for each comment within the document.

Hiding All Comments

Option 1: deactivate the “Show Comments” option

1 – Navigate to the toolbar and click on “View.”

deactivate the Show Comments option 01

2 – Deselect the “Show comments” option.

deactivate the Show Comments option 02

This action will effectively hide all comments throughout the document.

deactivate the Show Comments option 03

Option 2: Leveraging the View mode “Viewing”

1 – Head to the toolbar and click on “View.”

Leveraging the Veiw mode Viewing 01

2 – Hover your mouse over the “mode” option and select “viewing” from the contextual menu.

Leveraging the Veiw mode Viewing 02

By doing so, you will hide all comments within the document.

In Summary

Hiding comments in Google Docs is a simple process that can help you focus on the content of your document. Whether you want to hide individual comments or all comments, Google Docs provides several options to meet your needs.

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